The Offshoring Outsourcers of American IT Jobs – Major Importers of “Third World Attitudes”

Outsourcer and the ConsultantMany of the prestigious American IT Corporations committed to “Globalization” and “Offshore Outsourcing” of American Jobs are mostly driven by the opportunity to engage in big time “Tax Evasion”.

The reason for outsourcing of American Jobs by these “Prestigious Ones” is the fact that the employer is getting away with retaining employees in the Offshore location at lower salaries and engaging in “Big Time Tax Evasion” as those employees do not pay Federal, State, Social Security, and Medicare tax. The employer avoids paying matching Social Security and Medicare taxes, as well as, Unemployment Insurance, while the employer uses the services of the offshore employee to support operations in the USA. If the operations were supported from a location within the USA, the companies would be require to pay all of the Taxes.

If this is not “evil” enough, these Offshore Outsourcers are the major importers of “Third World Attitudes” toward USA IT employees. The once gracious attitudes and sense of justice toward the IT labor force has been modified to reflect the “Prestigious Ones” attitude that Americans are now at the par with Third World Economies employees.

Peningo’s solution to this problem is to bypass these “Prestigious Ones”, and with the support of Peningo Systems Inc., contract directly between the Consultant and the End Client, thus, eliminating these “Prestigious Ones” excessive Mark-ups and allowing for increased compensation for the Consultant while lowering the costs for the End Client.

Let us Outsource the Offshoring Outsourcers of jobs and Importers of deplorable Third World attitudes.

If you wish to voice your opinion, you are welcome in commenting to this post. If you wish to voice your opinion to a greater authority….Congress and/or your State Representatives, please go to the Peningo Advocacy Assistance Page.

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2 Responses to The Offshoring Outsourcers of American IT Jobs – Major Importers of “Third World Attitudes”

  1. Reality says:

    Such a paranoid and disparaging, if not racist post. And an incorrect one at that too! You don’t understand the business basics and the capitalism that YOU introduced in the so-called Third World Countries.

    Why is it your prerogative to have plush jobs when you have people who can do the job as good, if not better as you can at half your price? You wouldn’t buy a computer at $1200 at store X if store Y is giving the same for $600. Would you? Oh, well. Don’t answer that. I’ve done shopping around Thanksgiving Day!

    You reap what you sow. Americans have been pampered for far too long without lack of decent competition from the rest of the world. For years, the US companies made killing in non-US markets fuelling job growth in US. It was not YOUR job to begin with. The people in the rest of the world that US companies are selling to, paid for your bloated salaries. Now that the rest of the world that has more than half of world’s population, which was pushed and pushed and pushed by US to open markets, is learning to play the capitalism game by competing with efficiency and innovative business models, you are crying foul. News Flash! America is NOT the world! Bunch of hypocrites, you are!

    An American job outsourced does not necessarily equate Tax Evasion. Are you paying restitution for the families and traditional economies that US companies destroyed in the “third world”? Would you rather the American jobs are eliminated altogether when the business model is not viable and competition is trampling the company? Or would you have the company survive by any means and continue to create required jobs, make profits AND reward shareholders? If you were to levy “service taxes” etc, why shouldn’t the other countries levy similar taxes where US companies are killing traditional economies in the countries?

    Someone told us that you either be competitive or perish. Oh, wait! That was you, America!

  2. Hoggtapper says:

    Before conceding agreement with certian core aspects of the previous comment, allow me to assert that the post itself was by no means racist. In turn, condemning begins to reveal a level of a misplaced level of sensitivity (who’s paranoid now???) about such things. So disregarding that element of “Reality”s contribution, I’ll proceed.

    The elemental free-market premise captured in the comment’s second paragraph is right on, and for my money the situation and the story itself go no further. That, Reality, is the reality. Good call.

    But then the comment really fell off the rails. The nonsense about reaping what you sow… American’s being pampered… etc., is both bitter and biased.

    Apparently working FAR more hours, and retiring at more advanced ages than any other nation in the developed world equates to being pampered? Further the comment only sees fit to focus only on the export dimension of our global trade dynamics… which tees up the balance of what becomes a basically anti-American rant. For the majority of the past three decades the US has had a trade imbalance; we consistently import more than we export. In turn we inject more capital into foreign markets then we derive from same. Leaving this fact– not theory– out of the opinion part of the comment was unfortunate, but presumably necessary to beat up the U.S.

    By now I’ve already acknowledged the previous comment more than it ultimately deserves, so I’ll move on & wrap up.

    Basically, any business (American, Icelandic, or Vietnamese) has a constant obligation to manage/reduce overhead to some proper balance point at which efficiency is maximized. That’s basic, Adam Smith, 101 level econ. Like it or not, that’s what this the outsourcing phenomnon is about. My sense is that the POV of this blog is that American businesses should embrace & honor an additional obligation; to not abandon the American worker.

    Without commenting on the merits of that position, we should all agree that it’s this or any bloggers perogative to throw such thoughts out there.

    Good luck.

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