Peningo Systems selected to provide Oracle Transportation Management Implementation

Peningo Systems has recently been selected to provide resources with expertise in Oracle Transportation Management (OTM).  The Peningo Systems consulting team will provide Techno-Functional consulting to support an upgrade of OTM version from 6.0.x to 6.3.3, with accompanying go-live activities for our high-five-with-peningoclient, a large grocery store chain. Peningo will also work on customizing the EBS R12 to OTM integration processes to transfer additional information from EBS to OTM such as party information, created the MD 50 design document for a major shipment upload interface to OTM to update ship unit weight and other key elements, setup key OTM agents to orchestrate the order release creation and shipment planning process for orders originating in Order Management as well as in Oracle SNO (Strategic Network Optimization) module, and design and develop key Oracle SOA 11g BPEL processes to handle the integration between OTM and Oracle PS (Production Scheduling) module.

We at Peningo Systems always insure that we provide the end client with the best available resources within their respective areas of expertise. This delivery of services is at rates that below the rates of the Software Vendor’s Professional Services organizations that utilize resources that that are not as experienced and seasoned as the Peningo Systems Consultant.

If you are an “End Client” looking for IT Consulting Service providers to support your Applications, Peningo Systems provides Consultants with expertise in many areas including:

If you wish to review resumes of Peningo Oracle Transportation Management Resources, please click on the links below:

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About Edward Pellon

About Peningo Systems ( ) Peningo Systems and it founders have been involved in IT Consulting for over 30 years. Our goal is to support the individual IT Consultant by providing an avenue for them to be in contact directly to the end client. By doing this we reduce the many layers and tiers of organizations that are involved with placement of an IT Consultant. By reducing these layers and tiers, cost can be significantly reduced to the end client, while still providing the room for the Consultant to increase their revenues. Peningo is a for profit organization. We have decided to earn our “keep” by advocating, establishing and supporting a “market place” where the IT consultant and the “end client” may function without the interference of tiers of “prestigious” companies that bring to the consulting assignment excessive Markups and very little else. At Peningo we feel that the IT Consultant should be paid adequate rates commensurate with their skills and the personal sacrifice inherent in the life of an IT consultant. These allows us to field capable, motivated consultants that will contribute successfully to the “end client’s” systems development and implementation, while attracting to the IT industry new talent that otherwise would go to more lucrative pursuits. With the elimination of the “prestigious ones” there will be costs savings that will allow for the consultant to be paid a higher rate and for the client to reduce its costs. Both objectives represents Peningo’s Mission.
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