Peningo Systems Selected to Provide JDA Enterprise Planning Consulting and Professional Services

Peningo Systems  has recently been selected to provide resources with expertise in JDA Enterprise Planning Consulting to support our client’s implementation project with a major fashion designer retailer. To contact Peningo, click here or call (914) 921-3102.


Peningo Systems will be assisting with the implementation by providing expertise in the implementation, configuration and testing of the JDA Enterprise Planning (JDA EP) 8.x. Peningo Systems will be providing JDA Consultants at the Professional Service level.

While many of the Professional Service organizations look to optimize their profits by reducing the cost of labor, many times these organizations cut their resources with the expertise and seniority needed for successful implementations, in lieu of less experienced and cheaper resources. Though the cost of labor has decreased for the Professional Services, many times their rates increase to the client. Many of the end clients are not aware of this, and assume that going to a Software Vendor’s Professional Service organization will yield the best available resources for their project.

For these reasons above, the quality of services from these Professional Services Organizations has declined drastically. The founders of Peningo Systems have thrived for years in providing Consulting Services with the Senior Level Experts at rates that are below the rates of the Software Vendor’s Professional Services Organizations with their sub-par to mediocre talent.

We at Peningo Systems always insure that we provide the end client with the best available resources within their respective areas of expertise. This delivery of services is at rates that below the rates of the Software Vendor’s Professional Services organizations that utilize resources that that are not as experienced and seasoned as the Peningo Systems Consultant.

If you are an “End Client” looking for IT Consulting Service providers to support your Applications, Peningo Systems provides Consultants with expertise in many areas including:

Please click on the links below to view the Peningo JDA EP Consultant resumes…

JDA Enterprise Planning sample resumes

Resume of Candidate: PEN175

Rate: email us at for rate information

JDA Enterprise Planning Consultant

Executive Summary:

JDA Enterprise Planning and Data analysis management professional with 15 years of diverse career knowledge in JDA systems, analysis, and project
management.  Experienced in bringing accuracy, stability, and timely results and recommendations through innovative thinking, a winning attitude, and
partnership building to drive results.

Career Experience:

Peningo Systems supporting L Brands / Victoria Secrets, Columbus, Ohio        01/15 to Present
JDA Enterprise Planning SME

As a JDA Enterprise Planning Functional Consultant, worked on the design, development, testing, and implementations solutions for client automations,
metrics, structure, and module scopes in JDA EP Suite.

Responsibilities included:

• Added a new brand and new metrics to JDA Enterprise Planning.
• Application / Modules:  JDA Enterprise Planning
8.x .
• Completed detailed functional and technical design specifications.
• Document and implemented the enhancements.
• Assist in the testing of enhancements.
• Devise or modify procedures to solve complex problems.
• Decision making as it applied to overall architecture and detailed coding designs.
• Coordinate and collaborate with the partner teams.

June 2008 – September 2014
Merchandise Systems Manger (Retail Systems Admin and Analysis) – Famous Footwear

•        Administrator for JDA’s Arthur and Enterprise Planning software.  Consisted of system maintenance, troubleshooting, user training and issue
resolution, extensive partnering with power users and technical administrator.
•        Accountable for all aspects of the reporting and analysis team within Famous Footwear.  Encompassed scheduled reporting and extensive ad-hoc
reports and analysis.  Many driven by JDA Enterprise Planning’s Performance Analysis (PA) data and EKB modules.
•        JDA Enterprise Planning, Excel, AS400, and Data Warehouse power user with outstanding skills to create recommendations for the merchant teams
for stratigic decision making.
•        Extensive partnership with the planning and buying teams, to analyze traffic and conversion.
•        Administration of pricing and pricing systems at the item level by store group (cluster).
•        Managed a team of 2 specialists with a strong spirit of teamwork.
•        Excellent interpersonal and leadership skills with a contagious “can do” attitude.

Major projects delivered:
•        Accomplished a product hierarchy conversion in Enterprise Planning 8 to align business to buying trends.  Required the rebuilding of Enterprise
planning, reporting and analysis tools within the company.
•        Upgraded the planning system (JDA Enterprise Planning 8).  Lead training classes for end users Enterprise Planning modules. ROI recognized in 6
months from go-live.
•        Expert in utilizing JDA Enterprise Planning’s Performance Analysis (PA) to test and analyze data.
•        Implemented a statistical analysis software by Wolfram (replaced another tool) saving $300k per year.
•        Partnered with Oracle to upgrade pricing systems to maximize gross margin dollars and sell through.  Realized a 75 basis point increase in gross
margin after implementation.

Infinity Resources Inc.                January 2007 – August 2007                        Itasca, IL 60143
Director of Merchandising (Buyer Book Program)
•        Responsible for the entire book program at online retailer, an entertainment consumer retail website.  Inclusive of buying,
merchandising strategy, marketing, reporting, price management.
•        Negotiated with manufacturers partners for product placement and promotional opportunities.
•        Grew sales from to $16k per day from site launch via merchandising, co-op based promotions and customer targeted marketing.  Growth of 30%+ per
month, compounded, during my tenure.
•        Accountable for all financial metrics of the book program including sales, margin, open to buy, fill %, transaction time, and management of
promotional funds.
•        Oversaw Internal and External search engine optimization, key word results, price comparison tools, and CPC marketing partnerships.

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About Edward Pellon

About Peningo Systems ( ) Peningo Systems and it founders have been involved in IT Consulting for over 30 years. Our goal is to support the individual IT Consultant by providing an avenue for them to be in contact directly to the end client. By doing this we reduce the many layers and tiers of organizations that are involved with placement of an IT Consultant. By reducing these layers and tiers, cost can be significantly reduced to the end client, while still providing the room for the Consultant to increase their revenues. Peningo is a for profit organization. We have decided to earn our “keep” by advocating, establishing and supporting a “market place” where the IT consultant and the “end client” may function without the interference of tiers of “prestigious” companies that bring to the consulting assignment excessive Markups and very little else. At Peningo we feel that the IT Consultant should be paid adequate rates commensurate with their skills and the personal sacrifice inherent in the life of an IT consultant. These allows us to field capable, motivated consultants that will contribute successfully to the “end client’s” systems development and implementation, while attracting to the IT industry new talent that otherwise would go to more lucrative pursuits. With the elimination of the “prestigious ones” there will be costs savings that will allow for the consultant to be paid a higher rate and for the client to reduce its costs. Both objectives represents Peningo’s Mission.
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